थोबाडात मारा यांच्या थेट.
बोलाची कढी न बोलाचा भात,
सुधरा अाता वेळ जाण्याच्या अात.
पत्त्यांचे मनोरे किती दिवस टिकतील?
यांच्या मुर्खपणापुढे तेनालीरामही,
कोप-यापासून हात टेकतील.

Stray dogs ,often come together, where they find a piece of meat;
This is so, because they cannot withstand, their need and its heat.

They always have one foot in one ark and the other in another;
they are so imbecile that their existence even Shakhchilli won't bother;

They are like the rats running out of a sinking ship;
They won't try to restore stability of the the ship,
Else they would prefer to be crushed under the feet of passengers of another ship.

अाटपाट नगर होते. तेथे एक राजा होता.त्याला १०० ते २०० बायका होत्या. त्यातील काही १०,१३,१९ कुपोषीत अपत्यांच्या माता होत्या.त्या अापल्या अपत्यांच्या संगोपनात राजाच्या बेधुंद इच्छा पुर्ण करु शकत नव्हत्या.मात्र एकीला नगण्य अपत्ये होती.ती नटून थटून ,सगळ्यापेक्षा जास्त पैसा उडवूनही राजाच्या मर्जीतली होती.त्यामुळे राजाचे चमचे स्वताची निष्क्रीयता लपविण्यासाठी तीची स्तुती करायचे.

चमच्यांच्या प्रतापांमुळे राजाचा खजीना रिकामा झाला.राजाचे कान फुकुन हे चमचे काम करुन थकलेल्या प्रामाणीक प्रजेला गाढवाप्रमाणे काम करायला लावू लागले.स्वता घोडागाडीत बसून राजाबरोबर फक्त पहाणी करत. चहापाणी इ.वर ताव मारण्याचे काम करुन काम नसलेले विभाग अापल्या गटाकडे ठेवून इतरांच्या कार्यावर टीपणी करत अाणी अापण मुख्य प्रवाहात अाहोत अशा अविर्भावात गाडीखाली चालणा-या कुत्र्याची भूमिका समर्थपणे पेलत होते.


सचको परखनेके लिए दिल साफ होना चाहिएl

जहा भीड है समझ लो वहा greed है , नही तो कमसेकम Need हैl

परवाने तो अनगिनत होते है; लेकिन शमापर मर मिटनेवाला दीवाना लाखोमे एक ही होता हैl

 Truth may suffer but can never be defeated so also the GOOD..In the momentory victory of EVIL is hidden its defeat

22-03-2017: One of the three idiots once again in action. Other two have disappeared.RRA now will make everything convenient for leading Gundas and people with power will remain involved in their own endeavors . Word HR need to be removed from design as human values have evaporated since 2013.

On request Draft is prepared- keep what is acceptable to you, remove which is not acceptable and submit through proper channel if can dare to do so--draft-





19-03-2016: Perhaps one more instance of conspiracy between Nashik administration and few fevistuck urban executives to safeguard the interest of dark hearted self cenred leaders of one association is underway. All the rural executives are requested to come under one banner and show these people that utter violation of corporate guidelines, moves to create unrest and thereby affect growth of company will not be tolerated. There is a nexus between few people in the admn and lifetime leaders of associations whose innocent members are in hibernate state. Be alive and lead life of a tiger for 10 days than that of goat giving milk to feed these inhuman creatures and grow further strong.Kindly note what loss you have sufferred because of unjustified ambitions of these people.You have no way further than to lick feet of these people if you do not open your eyes. They are like the she monkey who put her leg on the head of her child to survive from drowning. For them there is no friend, no comrade, nothing- only one goal to fulfill ambition and stick to the  places where they are.

To be or not to be , that was the question before Hamlet of Shakespeare ; I would say I would be where nobody else could be. If I am able to say so confidently then only I have right to continue with life of a human being. I would say If I am confident enough that " Where I am, nobody else could be'.

Few days ago, a ray  of hope appeared in gloomy India. At one stage I felt that media in India is alive and it will help Anna and his team to bring this country to fore front. But blackmarketeers and people having power in this country succeeded in crushing the movement of Anna Hajare and media supported them by blackening the faces of team Anna for minor mistakes that may happen in life of any Indian being its reigns in the hands of criminals and culprits. Kejariwal has rightly pointed out that he has not abused Parliament, these are the parlimentarian who are responsible for diminishing sanctity of Parliament. No doubt there are people who are not tainted, but the tragedy of this country is that most of them are inactive or they lack confidence.

Anna Hajare has won the initial battle. There are many battles ahead. The people who got offended by the movement will now retaliate and would try vengeance. They have initiated the action by serving notice to some of the activists.Moreover don' t forget appeal made by some honorable MPs to get united to mow down the movement. It is their sole right to take our nation to doom. Mere elevating Anna is not going to serve the purpose. Anna is great and nobody has a doubt even his opponents accept the fact, but they are worried of their own position in spite of Anna's continual assurance that his aim is not to change the Governing body. He aims to bring changes in the method of governance by making amendments to it and not by replacing it completely. He has said so several times. He has also said that he will carry out his movement accepting the sovereignty of the constitution.His efforts are upgrade life of all Indians irrespective of religion, caste and race.He wish to establish ideal democracy. For that decentralization of power is must. Power has to be delegated up to the grampachayat. Participation of Gram Sabhaj will establish real Jan-sansad. Retaliation is natural phenomenon. Anna supporters need not get offended by the retaliation.They need to remain united for the holy cause for which they have fought so far with full vigor.

One more point is of paramount importance- Anna himself said mere wearing Main Anna hoon cap is not going to serve purpose. No doubt it helps to create an atmosphere and spirit of solidarity. There is no objection to wearing the cap; but the principals laid down by Anna need to be assimilated before you wear that cap. He said- 'Shuddha acharan, shuddha vichar, Nishkalank jeevan, tyag and apmaan pine ki shakti . That is to say- Purity in thought,  action in line with purity of thought, life without a stigma, readiness to sacrifice and ability to bear[swallow] insult. In fact if all people accept these principals there will be need to make amends to any law. We know that all people will not accept the principles and to restrict the evil inherent in humanity as a whole laws are required. Amendments are required in accordance with changing forms of evil. 

Long live Anna Hajare and the spirit he has evolved.